Operation Sercive Provider
For International Brands
Focus on Providing One-stop E-commerce Operation Service for Premium International Brands
速网 只为极致电商购物体验
SOWOW-Offer You Ultimate E-commerce Shopping Experience

浙江速网电子商务有限公司成立于2011年,专注为国际高端品牌提供一站式电子商务运营与咨询服务, 帮助国际品牌打造移动互联网时代的体验经济和粉丝经济,从而提升品牌综合竞争力。
我们一直致力于帮助品牌在电子商务渠道建设和维护官方旗舰店和分销网络, 建立和管理体验式会员体系,提供符合品牌调性的整合营销和视觉呈现用以提高品牌知名度和美誉度, 监控全网价格体系和打击知识产权侵权店铺和链接等工作做出极大贡献。
Incorporated in 2011, SOWOW has been focusing on providing one-stop e-commerce operation and consultancy service to premium international brands. With the purpose of upgrading comprehensive competitiveness of brands in the era of mobile internet, we help top-notch brands create e-commerce experiencing economy and fans economy.
We are dedicated to helping brands build e-commerce channels, set up flagship stores and distribution network, building and managing experiential membership system.In addition, we offer integrated marketing and spectacular visual effect to improve brands popularity and reputation, and make a great contribution to monitoring price system and fighting against the IPR infringement.
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